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7 Things to Know About Cisco Meraki

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Frameworks for cloud computing make it easier for practically any digital service to be delivered. Cloud computing is a crucial component of these services, which include Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures, social media, and live-streaming video.

Cisco Meraki Router

Because cloud computing is affordable, many organisations have moved their infrastructures there. Thanks to Cisco Meraki, a highly secure cloud service, users can manage Meraki network devices on a single platform. Its cloud architecture produces easily manageable, scalable networks that can be deployed quickly. The most crucial information about Cisco Meraki you should be aware of is examined in further detail in this article. Read more below.

Top 7 Things You Should Know About Cisco Meraki

One of the safest Cloud options is Cisco Meraki in Singapore, which enables customers to control Meraki network devices from a single safe platform. Its cloud architecture produces secure, deployable, and scalable networks that are simple to maintain. Let's have a detailed discussion regarding Cisco Meraki certification.

1. About MerakiCisco Meraki

The Meraki Dashboard, which offers a real-time view of all users on your network, embodies these qualities and is named after the Greek words "soul, creativity, and love." The Meraki dashboard aids in developing application usage guidelines that enhance network security and user experience.

2. Real-time cloud management with Cisco Meraki

With its out-of-band cloud architecture, Cisco Meraki, which was bought by Cisco in 2012, builds secure, scalable, and simple-to-deploy networks that can be managed from any location. Cisco Meraki provides great visibility and enterprise-level performance with its technologies, including Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), wireless, switching, security, and surveillance cameras (all centrally managed from the Cloud). Due to their flexible connection flexibility, better user

capacity, and extensive coverage, the Cisco Meraki access points are very effective and offer a seamless user experience.

Users on your network may be seen clearly thanks to the robust Meraki Dashboard. The network and the applications installed on those devices are accessed using those devices. Additionally, it aids in the development of application usage regulations to enhance network security and user experience. The feature-rich empowers customers, user-friendly architecture to save time, lower operating costs, and solve new business problems.

3. Easy, budget-friendly cloud-managed solutions

Meraki devices provide enterprise-level performance and great levels of visibility at affordable price points that are easier for many IT budgets to handle. Meraki access points are strong and incredibly easy to build and administer, and Meraki switches may be utilised anywhere from the Campus LAN to the Data Centre.

4. Meraki offers a range of products

Meraki provides a range of goods, such as:

• Wireless access points - These routers don't need any administration or controller software to be installed. Additionally, Meraki access points offer superior performance and wide coverage.

• Security appliances - Firewall protection, wireless LAN, switching, and MDM (Mobile Device Management) are all features of security appliances. The dashboard allows for simple installation and management of all devices from any place.

• Security cameras - Record priceless footage from any area. It is incredibly simple to deploy and maintain these cameras. Additionally, they provide improved security with tools like heat maps and object detection.

• Switches - Installing, configuring, and using Cisco Meraki in Singapore is simple. They are extremely scalable and offer networks secure performance. Additionally, remote administration makes network managers far more effective.

5. Buy used Meraki products only if they are unclaimed.

Used Meraki devices can be used, but the original owner must have left them unclaimed. Because Meraki equipment only functions in the networks to which it is connected, this is the case. Devices can be claimed by inputting the device's serial number in the dashboard. Certain users can see a notification in their dashboard that reads, "The following device is already in use." If this happens, it signifies the previous owner has not removed the device from their network. The gadget can only be removed from their network by the previous owner.

6. Policy for recertification

Recertification for Cisco Meraki in Singapore is a crucial gauge that shows how current your teams are with emerging technological developments. A three-year renewal requirement applies to all certification levels. It implies that the qualified individual will need to recertify by passing exams, finishing continuing education requirements, or combining both. It is imperative to remember that recertification demands should be satisfied well before the certification's expiration date. To regain "active" status, learners with expired certificates must retake the exam. By moving up to the next higher level of certifications, recertification is possible at any point during the active period.

Certification cycle

After the certification date, all certifications will remain "active" for three years. Every time the requirements for recertification are satisfied, the certification status will be considered "active" for an extra period of three years.

  • Several things to keep in mind with reference to recertification:
  • Extensions are not offered by Cisco. Therefore, timely recertifying is required.
  • Updates to the profile on Cert Metrics are required for the first three certification levels.
  • On CCIE Tracker, profiles for Expert certificates should be updated.
  • Always review the 5-day exam retake policy before making an appointment for an exam.

7. Simple and effective licensing model

If you have worked in the IT sector for some time, you probably have seen a variety of licen sing schemes. Licensing for Cisco Meraki is easy. You require a single Meraki Dashboard licence to control each managed network device (consider switches, access points, and security appliances). The licence already includes technical support.


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