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9 Benefits of Implementing Cloud Telephony Solutions to Your Business

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Effective communication is essential to every business. With so many internal and external communication channels, it’s easy to get lost. This frequently results in a chaotic environment at work.

Today, small businesses can install IVR, call routing, call scheduling, and other over-the-edge telephonic capabilities at an inexpensive price with no capital expenditure – thanks to cloud telephony solutions!

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Here are the benefits of utilising cloud-based telephony system.

Top 9 Benefits of Cloud Telephony Solutions

1. Less to Handle in Hardware and Equipment

You won’t have to be concerned about clunky and old gear if you switch to a cloud telephony system. By doing this, you might free up important office space and give your team more area to work. Due to the pay of a service model’s scalability, there are no longer any significant capital expenses.

Systems for cloud telephony are scalable and adaptable as you grow, which is wonderful for helping you plan strategically and make better-informed and long-term business decisions. For instance, you won’t have to consider how many phones to buy for your expanding company. As a new team member joins, just add them, and if you need to scale back after a challenging project is finished, just remove them.

You have total control over how many accounts you have and how few accounts you need. The setup procedure is short and uncomplicated, freeing up your staff to focus more time on activities that advance business growth.

2. They Encourage Flexible Work Schedules in the Workplace

The need that employees work near a fixed, assigned landline desk phone is no longer a restriction.

A conventional phone system is unable to accommodate this kind of flexible working environment. Your productivity might suffer if you had a fixed phone that you couldn’t take with you while you moved about the office.

On the other hand, cloud telephony solutions are much more adaptable and agile, enabling you to be mobile while still being reachable. It’s not necessary for your business phone to be a desk-mounted handset; it can be any device, including a laptop or a mobile phone.

Depending on the projects they are working on, employees can wander about the office and never miss a call. Moreover, there will be no more pacing the office to enquire about someone’s phone.

3. Remote Working

A cloud-based phone system makes it simple for everyone to interact and work together, whether teams are coordinating from several locations or employees are working while out meeting with clients.

Wherever they are, employees have access to the same features. They only need to log in to access all of the tools and features available, just as they would in the office. Whether they are at home, at a client’s office, or even on vacation abroad, this is the case. The days of being forced to take the day off for a child’s dentist appointment are long gone. You may be just as productive from home as you are in the office with cloud telephony solutions.

4. You Can Always Use the Most Recent Features

Conventional phone systems wear out, become outdated, and have a finite lifespan. To make use of the new features, you’ll either need to constantly upgrade the hardware, or you’ll fall behind.

After setting up a cloud-based system, all you have to do is download the most recent updates to start using any newly released features from the service provider. Your ability to provide your customers with a better experience will increase as you introduce more cutting-edge features.

5. More Productive Staff

Staff members can use the phone system to increase productivity and teamwork among themselves – thanks to features like call recording, simple transfers, and thorough statistics that cloud telephony solutions provide. They will have the resources necessary to efficiently manage calls and guarantee that clients are communicating with the appropriate parties.

Sophisticated call funnelling increases productivity because staff won’t have to waste time frantically scouring the office for the person who is needed on a call while the customer waits anxiously on the other end of the line with a problem.

6. Less Strict Contracts

When businesses first join up with some traditional phone system providers, they are required to commit to lengthy contracts. This indicates that they will be stuck in a situation years from now when the system will no longer be able to serve the firm as it needs due to its expansion and growth.

Cloud telephony companies provide more scalable and flexible solutions that let you start and stop quickly. You have a lot of possibilities at your disposal, so you may pick the one that best satisfies the demands of your particular organisation.

7. A Beneficial Investment

With the consumption-based paradigm of cloud telephony, you pay per use. The first installation will cost money, however after that, fees are included in operational costs. This frees you from long-term commitments and allows you to benefit from the model’s flexibility.

Similar to other cloud services, the technology enables you to alter consumption to suit your particular company demands at the time. Users, gadgets, system services, and calling plans can all be included in the model because of its flexibility.

8. You Are Not Bound to a Certain Place

Disaster recovery processes and timelines will be improved by implementing cloud telephony solutions. So, calls can be swiftly and simply forwarded to another location in the event that your company does encounter a calamity of some kind.

Staff may access the client app to receive calls from wherever they are, which prevents or at least considerably lowers any business downtime. There is no need to configure or install the phone system when getting everything back up and running because you are not bound to a single location.

9. More Powerful Tools

Businesses of all sizes now have access to tremendous capabilities due to the proliferation of cloud telephony solutions. In the past, capabilities like call recording or collaboration tools were only accessible to major organisations.

Now, even the smallest start-up may employ strong tools to thrive and expand because there are so many different cloud-based solutions on the market. But it’s crucial to pick a service provider who can offer a service that is transparent, trustworthy, and dependable.

Think about how much more productive staff members can become once they begin utilising the cloud telephony system, promoting expansion and enabling better financial outcomes as a result. Can you afford to delay making the change? Think again.

Switch to Cloud Telephony Solutions Today!

You might think about hiring external support if your email server keeps going down, your staff is less productive due to obsolete technologies, or you don’t have time to concentrate on top-level company issues; fortunately, there is a better and quicker solution for those. One of the various upgrades a managed service provider or MSP could make to your company’s IT infrastructure is a cloud telephony solution.

Although giving up control to an MSP is a significant business choice, the advantages far exceed any potential risks. As one of the most reliable cloud telephony companies, Dacon provides the best tools and equipment you’ll need to align with your business growth. Talk to one of our specialists right away to see how cloud telephony solutions can help your company.

At Dacon Networks, our CPaaS is an advanced cloud-based telephony system that runs entirely on the internet. It also gives you the flexibility to take calls from both your desk phone and your computer or mobile device. Hence, you can utilize all the features of the office phone system wherever you are. With the cloud telephony, you will never miss your important calls again.

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