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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Office Headset

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An effective and ideal functioning office headset is necessary in every workplace setting. As the office setting evolves along with modern technological advances, the HR and customer service staff are better knowledgeable of the value of getting high-tech equipment like a wireless headset with microphone in Singapore.

The modern workplace headset has undergone numerous changes to increase user comfort. For example, users can talk for hours without interruptions or technical issues on the phone.

That’s why choosing the best office headset requires consideration of several factors – including connectivity, model, and specs.


Wireless vs. Wired

Whether or not an office headset needs a wire is still up for debate. But depending on the preferences of the user, both headset types have their own functions.

You would require a quick and effective headset that allows you to work on other tasks in an office setting where multitasking is common. For users who move around a lot, a wireless headset is essential. You can find a user-friendly wireless headset with a microphone in Singapore here at Dacon.

A wired headset, however, has several drawbacks. Major movement restrictions are one of them. On the other hand, a wireless one gives users the freedom of simple controls and user dominance.

Users must remain inside the range of a wireless office headset to use it effectively. The distance from the base is typically a little more than 50 meters.

Nevertheless, both aspects are excellent as long as they meet the needs of the users.

Anti-noise Microphones

The noise cancelling feature must now be the finest available, given current technological advances. You can safely take business calls regardless of how noisy your desk mate is or how quiet you are.

The best headsets for call centres are always equipped with an AI noise-cancelling microphone. This features mutes outside noises and grants users vocal control over any ambient noise.

The noise-cancelling microphones are beneficial for those who suffer from early-onset deafness and recent hearing abnormalities in which the user’s voice takes centre stage. Because call centre employees spend 99% of their workday on the phone, it is crucial for them.

The human auditory canal cannot handle the frequency of sound waves. With the noise cancellation feature, the background noise will be absorbed, and a crisp sound will be produced.

Users also benefit from continuous communication and are protected from hiccups and fluctuating frequencies – thanks to an AI noise-cancelling headset.

Binaural vs. Monaural

Since the monaural feature is a personal preference, it is not often a deciding factor when choosing office headsets. Users can make calls and still pay attention to other external parties since they only hear in one ear when using a single headset (monaural). Taking a call and assisting a co-worker with a task are two other scenarios where a monaural headset comes in handy. With this headset, users are cognizant of their surrounding environment.

Except for the call being received, users don’t hear any outside noise using a binaural headset. An interruption during any call is avoided by a binaural headset, though. In a noisy atmosphere, it is the finest choice.

Superiority and Robustness

There is a warranty period included with the best office headset. One year is the minimum warranty period. Typically, the best headphones have a three-year warranty. The distinction is that high-tech devices come with top-notch features. A full-term warranty may not be covered by the less expensive options. Any malfunction or error with the headset is the user’s fault.

Why Use Headsets in Your Office?

For any employee who frequently speaks on the phone, headsets offer a number of advantages. While call centres, stock brokerages, and insurance agencies now view headsets and headsets as essential business tools, many other industries will soon follow suit.

The term “task workers” refers to those who must communicate with co-workers and clients, such as those who work remotely, are extremely mobile, provide customer service, or must spend a lot of time at their desks. Headsets can help this group of employees regularly collaborate with co-workers and clients.

Using headsets at work has a number of advantages, including the following:

Physical advantages: Bad posture and back and shoulder pain can result from holding a phone between your ear and shoulder. Employees occasionally even experience neck or shoulder injuries from repetitive motion. Employees can always sit up straight and relax their shoulders thanks to headsets.

Both the employee and the individual on the other end of the line benefit from noise-cancelling technology, which blocks out 75% of ambient noise. If you work in a noisy office, your caller will be able to hear you without the background noise, and you will be able to hear them better.

If you need to go for a file, get a drink of water, or ask a co-worker a question while on a call, wireless headsets let you get up from your desk.

In the era of open-plan offices, which are becoming more and more prevalent, active noise cancellation headsets are the new wall since they give you the ability to maintain a private conversation and focus area.

Getting Conference Speakers

Even though keynote speakers may not pique your employees’ interest (unless you book a major name in your field), it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. In reality, keynote speakers have the power to significantly alter the conference’s atmosphere, which can positively influence your staff as a whole. If you’re planning to get one, consider a Jabra conference speaker.

A Common Situation

The speech gives everyone in the audience the same experience, regardless of how they may feel about the speaker or their subjects, which makes for an amicable conversation topic afterward. This is especially useful if there are several departments working together in the same area but rarely interacting.

Finding Inspiration in Unusual Places

Keynote speakers are accustomed to trying to motivate an audience, but by motivating the crowd, the speaker could be able to go one step further. When a Huffington Post poll reveals that less than half of Australians enjoy their jobs, this may be a first step in igniting some enthusiasm among the workforce. Additionally, it demonstrates your engagement by demonstrating that you care about your employees’ wellbeing.

Consolidates Your Message

Employees may occasionally get information repeatedly without ever truly grasping it. Keynote speakers let you express a company mission in a novel way or simply review some of the overarching ideas you’ve been working to establish. Once they have a better understanding of the future direction, your staff members may become more assured in what they perform.

Study Up on the Best Office Headset and Speakers for Your Workplace

Contact Dacon for more information on the latest Jabra headsets, Jabra conference speakers, or wireless headsets with microphone in Singapore and how they might benefit your business. We can assist you with identifying the proper gear for your employees’ requirements to help boost morale and productivity.

For more information about Jabra headphones, active noise cancellation, and other hands-free technology, get in touch with Dacon! We’ll help you understand them more.