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Jabra  |  SKU: 5099-610-279

Jabra Engage 50 II

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Why you'll love Jabra Engage 50 II

  • Three World-Class Microphones: Enable the best headset for clear customer calls
  • Impressive Sound Quality: Noise-suppressing ear-cups and advanced speaker tech
  • Innovative Angled Ear Cushions: For comfort that lasts all day
  • Built to Last: With a three-year warranty for total peace of mind
  • Engage+: Provides call insights in real-time
  • Jabra Safetone™ 2.0: Because hearing protection isn't an afterthought

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A headset that's got your back

With Engage 50 II, calls have more clarity and customers enjoy an all-around better experience, thanks to our innovative Engage+ software. Make interactions more meaningful and effective, with real-time call insights.

This headset has been designed with you in mind (you’re welcome). It’s light, but sturdy. Comfortable, but sleek. Wear it all day, without feeling like you’re wearing it at all. With an intelligent microphone system that makes sound clearer than ever before, there’s no better headset to help you make every customer your most satisfied customer yet.


It's not rocket science. But it is very clever.

A software system that can analyse conversations as they happen? Meet the Engage 50 II with innovative Engage+ software, the future of contact centre headsets.

Engage+ delivers live on-screen pop-ups with guidance on factors affecting your customer’s call experience, including background noise, the position of your microphone, silence and interruptions. 1

Customer call experience is improved in real-time (high fives all around). And onboarding, coaching and retaining staff becomes a breeze, with meaningful data at your fingertips, giving insights that make your job easier and sweeter.

Leading monitoring solutions have gone one step further and integrated our insightful call analytics with their solutions, extending their value by enabling you to access our call data together with other data within their monitoring solutions. This gives a much clearer view of the customer experience enabling you to pinpoint and address specific issues.

Told you it was clever.


Magic mic

Sound quality can make or break a call, so we built Engage 50 II to be the best headset for clear customer calls*. In fact, this headset has not one, but three microphones, for awesome background noise-cancellation that’ll let your customer hear every single word you say, enabling accurate speech-to-text for spot-on call transcription.

Combined with intuitive Engage+ software, our innovative microphone tech creates such harmonious conditions, that it can help reduce average call handling times across the board.


Great comfort isn't a given. It's engineered.

An uncomfortable agent makes for an awkward call, so we've designed Engage 50 II to be so comfortable that you’ll barely know it’s there. Weighing in at as little as 1.5oz, or 45g*, it’s super lightweight, with angled cushions for the most comfortable fit.

We’ve also popped an innovative maze-shaped pattern inside the earcups of every headset. It’s based on studies of actual users like you and designed specifically to relieve pressure on the most common ‘problem areas’, helping you stay relaxed and focused on the needs of your customer.


  • Customasible Buttons

    Customisable buttons on the call control unit can be integrated with your contact centre and Unified Communications (UC) platforms, allowing you to easily perform everyday actions – like calling your supervisor for help –with a few simple taps.

  • Busylight

    Say ‘no’ to costly interruptions with the Engage 50 II headset, which sets clear boundaries by showing when you’re busy.

    A red light will glow automatically when you’re busy on a call, showing anyone around you that now isn’t a great time to chat - so you can stay focused on your customer and give colleagues a clear signal when you’re free.

  • Audible Ringer

    Never worry about missing a call again. With the adjustable audible ringer on the Engage 50 II, all you need to do is choose the ringtone and volume you prefer and your super intelligent headset will do the rest.

    Set the SmartRinger to only ring when you’re away from your desk - and you can stay flexible for grabbing a coffee or loading the dishwasher on working from home days, without irritating your colleagues with constant ringing when you’re in the office.*

    *SmartRinger only sounds when the headset is lying on a flat surface


One tough cookie (well, headset)

Carelessly removed at the end of a long day, passed from desk to desk, tossed in a bag - the life of a contact centre headset can be tough. So we built Engage 50 II to be one tough cookie, stress testing everything from boom-arm rotation to impact resistance, making it our strongest and longest lasting headset yet.

It’s easy to make bold claims, but we’re so confident that Engage 50 will stand the test of time and the cruel conditions a headset suffers, we’ve added a three-year warranty for all headsets. Lightweight, ultra-comfortable and built to last, this headset has it all.


  • Every caller, crystal clear

    With advanced speakers and innovative noise-isolating earcups that fit perfectly, you’ll never miss an important detail during a call (or have to ask anyone to speak up or repeat the same information 47 times…)

    With Engage 50 II’s specially engineered speakers, optimised for speech clarity, frustrations are eased and calls are more productive. Bringing crystal clear sound quality to every call, BalancedVoice™ will also automatically process the sound to be clear and crisp - just another clever feature bringing calm efficiency to every conversation.

  • Healthy ears. Happy agents.

    That's the philosophy behind the revolutionary professional-grade hearing protection built into the Engage 50 II. With Jabra SafeTone™ 2.0, you can focus on your calls, safe in the knowledge that your hearing is protected.

    We’ve included loads of groundbreaking hearing protecting technologies, including:

    • IntelliTone™ 2.0, which keeps average noise exposure at a safe level
    • PeakStop™ 105 dB, which prevents sudden loud noises
    • BalancedVoice™, which processes the incoming sound for clearer calls
    • Speech level normalisation, which keeps incoming calls at your preferred volume
    • Intelligent acoustic shock protection, which proactively removes or reduces potentially harmful sounds

    Because hearing protection isn’t an afterthought. It’s a lifetime investment.


Smooth Operator

Imagine a helping hand to hear customers more clearly and to optimise the dynamics of every call, allowing you to enjoy more balance on a long-shift.

Engage 50 II uses a unique signal processing algorithm, BalancedVoice™, to stop you constantly cranking up the call volume and keep you call ready throughout the day. Relax, avoid call fatigue and focus on your customer - it’s all taken care of.

But we would say that, so we tested this unique technology with users like you. They agreed that it makes higher-pitched voices clearer and makes speech easier to pick out from background noise, all while cleverly evening out voice tone, creating harmony for your ears,


Plays well with others

Connecting with your customers is a walk in the park with Engage 50 II. The headset plays well with all leading contact centre and Unified Communications (UC) platforms and even has integrated call control for the likes of Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud CX and NICE CXone, when used with the control unit accessory.  2

With a UC variant certified for Google Meet, Works With Chromebook and Zoom and another variant for Microsoft Teams, you can enjoy seamless and stress-free customer interactions across the board. Stay close. Stay in control. Stay connected.

Technical Specifications


  • Noise-isolating fit: Yes
  • Speaker max input power: 30 mW
  • Microphone Type: 2 x MEMS
  • User Hearing Protection: Jabra SafeTone™ 2.0, PeakStop 105, EU Noise at Work, G616, OSHA
  • Noise Reduction on Calls: Yes
  • Speaker Bandwidth (music mode): 50Hz - 20000Hz
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -26dBFS/Pa
  • Speaker Size: 20mm
  • Speaker Bandwidth (speak mode): 100Hz - 14000Hz
  • Microphone bandwidth: 100Hz - 14000Hz

Fit & Comfort

  • Form Factor: On-ear Headband


  • Connectivity: USB-A, USB-C


  • Box Content: Headset, carry pouch, warranty and warning leaflet
  • Max Unit Dimensions (WxHxD)-Mono: 167mm x 54mm x 160mm | 6.6in x 2.13in x 6.3in
  • Headset Weight (Mono Variant): 45g | 1.6oz
  • USB Cable Length (SKU Dependent): 1.6m | 2.4m | 5.2ft | 7.8ft
  • Certifications and Compliance: Cisco, Unify, Microsoft Teams (SKU specific), Zoom, Google Meet, Amazon Chime
  • Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD): 185mm x 249mm x 50mm | 7.28in x 9.8in x 1.97in
  • Materials Used: Leatherette, PC & PC/ABS plastic, PP, silicon rubber, stainless steel, TPE
  • Weight (Stereo) w Link: 152g | 5.4oz
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Main Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) - Stereo: 167mm x 54mm x 167mm | 6.57in x 2.13in x 6.57in
  • Headset Weight (Stereo Variant): 65g | 2.3oz
  • Weight (Mono) w Link: 132g | 4.7oz
  • LED Features and Functions: Busylight, incoming call, Microsoft Teams notifications (SKU dependent)

Software & Apps

  • Compatible Software and/or Apps: Engage+, Jabra Direct, Jabra Xpress

Extended Info

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 55°C | 14°F to 131°F
  • Storage Temperature: -5°C to 55°C | 23°F to 131°F

Control unit (SKU Dependent)

  • LED Behavior: Busylight, incoming/active call, mute/hold call, Microsoft Teams notifications (SKU dependent), programmable (via SDK)
  • Call Controls: Yes
  • Materials Used: Silicon rubber, TPU, PC & PC/ABS plastic, TPE, PP
  • Weight: 68g | 2.4oz
  • SmartRinger: Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital headset?

A true digital headset has the processing chip in the headset instead of in a control unit or cord. TheEngage 50 IIandEngage 40use the very latest chipset to be able to deliver enhanced, real-time analytic features and this, along with the positioning of the chip, delivers enhanced functionality and user experience.

How does the SmartRinger in the Engage 50 II work?

The SmartRinger uses sensors in the Engage 50 II headset to determine when it is being worn and when it is lying on the desk. If it is on the desk and a call comes in, the SmartRinger will ring to let them know of an incoming call*. If you are wearing the headset, the SmartRinger will not ring as you will hear the call in the headset.

* The SmartRinger can be adjusted and switched on/off in Jabra Direct

What does the Engage 50 II control unit offer and why would I want to use it?

The control unit offers agents improved call control and the SmartRinger that alerts about incoming calls even when the headset is lying on the desk. The Engage 50 II has an ergonomic design to help agents work more efficiently. It features a volume wheel for easy adjustment of the volume during calls as well as answer/end and mute buttons. It also has customisable buttons that can be integrated with preferred contact centre platforms. The Engage 50 II control unit offers integrated call control for the likes of Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud CX and NICE CXone out of the box.

What does the Engage 50 II control unit offer and why would I want to use it? Continued

The Engage 50 II control unit can easily be detached from the headset for increased flexibility for agents. In case your customers want to use the headset without the control unit, the Engage 50 II is also available on its own (as UC variant only).

Can I plug the Engage 50 II headset into my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, if your mobile device has a USB-C socket that is compatible with voice calls.

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Why you'll love Jabra Engage 40

  • Two Intelligent Microphones: For unrivaled call clarity every time
  • Impressive Sound Quality: Noise-suppressing ear-cups and advanced speaker tech
  • Innovative Angled Ear Cushions: For comfort that lasts all day
  • Built to Last: With a three-year warranty for total peace of mind
  • Engage+: Provides call insights in real-time
  • Jabra Safetone™ 2.0: Because hearing protection isn't an afterthought

Why you'll love Jabra Engage 50 Stereo/Mono

  • 3-Microphone System: Intelligent noise-cancellation filters out background noise
  • Busylight: No interruptions here
  • Live Guidance: To help agents deliver better-sounding calls
  • Answer & Mute Buttons: Better call control for greater efficiency
  • Connectivity: USB-C for easy connection to PC and mobile devices

Why you'll love Jabra Engage 50 II

  • Three World-Class Microphones: Enable the best headset for clear customer calls
  • Impressive Sound Quality: Noise-suppressing ear-cups and advanced speaker tech
  • Innovative Angled Ear Cushions: For comfort that lasts all day
  • Built to Last: With a three-year warranty for total peace of mind
  • Engage+: Provides call insights in real-time
  • Jabra Safetone™ 2.0: Because hearing protection isn't an afterthought

Jabra Engage 50 II

From $309.00

Why you'll love Jabra Engage 50 II


  • USB A
  • USB C
  • USB A Control Unit
  • USB C Control Unit

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  • Other major platforms
  • Microsoft Teams


  • Mono
  • Stereo
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